D2 Banking, Bespoke Security Architecture and Digital Risk Management rely on the following family of tools for their implementation:

The electronic Data Fort Initiative™ (eDFi) is a secure data vaulting service which builds the foundation for D2 Banking. Users can access their critical personal and business information anywhere and at anytime via hand held devices, the internet and interactive digital television. (Exec Summary + Demo Site)
The Digital Risk Matrix™ (DRM) visualises the risk associated with integrated digital solutions and associated Service Level Management. (Download the PDF version )
The Contingency Capability Radar™ (CCR) is an ISO 17799 based platform, containing tools and templates to assess and visualise risk exposure of an entire global enterprise. (Download the PDF version)
The Knowledge Management and Objects Database System™ (KMODS) has been designed for configuration management in the event of a major emergency where human and material assets are irrecoverably scattered over a large area and severe loss of life has occurred.
The Security Intelligence Products and Systems™ (SIPS) database has the latest information on over 8,500 hacker groups and maintains a record of over 380,000 individual hacking events since 1995. Click here for an overview of historic SIPS Data. [SIPS FAQ (pdf)]; [Glossary (pdf)]